The Senior Executive Forum is a place where senior executives meet with other noncompeting executives in their field to exchange ideas, share success stories, learn what works, what doesn't, solve problems and learn from one another in a safe, confidential and trusted environment.

Forums meet monthly by videoconference for 2 hours and we have members nationwide.

Groups are divided by executive function. Each group will has 24 members, which is the size of a small classroom. We have forums for the following areas:

  • Operations and General Management Executives
  • Financial Executives
  • Sales and Marketing Executives
  • HR Executives
  • IT & Engineering Executives

The idea for The Senior Executive Forum Actually came from one of our CEO Forum members. A CEO who was enjoying and benefitting from The CEO Forum™ suggested that we provide Forums for their key associates as well. We thought it was a tremendous idea. It turned out that we were both right and The Senior Executive Forums have become successful and rewarding to it's members and beneficial to their companies.
Today we live in a fast changing environment where senior executives need to stay up to date, keep abreast of what is happing outside their company and industry and be prepared to change.

You can't get this in "Trade Journals" since competitors don't want to share secrets. You may think your company or industry is unique but all companies get things done with ideas, programs and people. You'll hear other executives asking for information in areas you may not even know opportunities existed.

It is very easy to get in a rut in your company or industry and The Senior Executive Forum will expose you to new and different ideas and information from 24 active executives in your specialty.
Forum Structure

Each month four members are "Spotlighted". Two members each share their biggest success story, why it worked and the results of their efforts. Next, two members will share ideas or programs they implemented and thought it was a good idea but didn't work out as planned. So, within a 12 month period all members are "Spotlighted" twice.

The remaining time is dedicated to discussing items members have submitted and are addressed by priority: Get opinions on new ideas, ask for information, share newly found information or ideas and discuss anything that would be helpful to you and the group.

As in The CEO Forum™, only first names, not last names nor company names are used to protect your identity.

With the ideas of others and the knowledge you will gain, both your key people and your company will benefit.

All forums are recorded, so if an executive happen to miss one, it is available to members, CEOs and your staff.

If you would like more information on The Senior Executive Forum,
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