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As mentioned on the previous page, other groups have educational programs. They pay thousands of dollars to attract, transport and host suitable speakers. But, for you as a member, it has a downside; you have to pay for this. We are, however, more innovative than other CEO peer groups and believe in giving you the most value and best content in our educational sessions at the least cost.

At The CEO Forum™, we also believe that education is an important part of being a successful CEO. We, however, have taken a different approach. So, instead of flying and paying a world class speaker, we stream great publicly available videos by world-class speakers on important business topics to CEOs.

Mid-Month Educational Meetings

Half way in between our monthly Forum meetings, we will hold a 1 hour educational session.

Again, they will be done by videoconference and we will record them so, incase you miss the event or want to share it with you staff, it will be available to you.

We offer two types of educational platforms: Two months of videos and one book every quarter.

Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back.
--Chinese proverb

Here is an example of a video we watch and discuss how the ideas could effect our companies, us and our associates.

Drive--The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

This is very well produced video that is different and we think you will find it very interesting to watch.

And yes, we even have fun along the way!
If you would like to participate in a free, no-obligation introductory CEO Forum, please click here.

Also, we had an idea that came from one of our Forum members for us. They enjoyed The CEO Forum so much, they suggested that it would be beneficial to have something similar to The CEO Forum™ for their key people. We do them somewhat differently and it is for C-Level key associates and it's called The Senior Executive Forum. It is on the next tab on the top of the website.