The CEO Forum

The CEO Forum™ Structure & Benefits

The founder of The CEO Forum™ was a member of the fist organization to utilize CEO peer group forums. He spent 19 years in a YPO Forum from 1982-2001 until the mandatory retirement age of 50. While as a CEO of companies in five industries for 36 years, he achieved an average annual growth rate of more than 20% by growing, buying, selling and founding companies.

Our founder owes much of his success to what he learned from his peers in his forum and the ideas and guidance he received. As result, he took his knowledge of the process, improved it and with many years of reflection was inspired to found The CEO Forum™.

The CEO Forum™ meets 4 hours per month; 11 times per year with an educational session mid-month. (Learn more about our educational sessions on the next page.) Forums have between 9-11 CEOs and a moderator or "Chair" as we call them. Collectively, our average forum groups have more than 150 years of CEO experience.

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Monthly Forum Meetings

"Monthly Spotlighted Company": Each month, we take an in-depth quantitative and qualitative look at one member company By better understanding the company then "brain-storming" we can better generate ideas, give guidance and propose solutions and goals. During our 11 annual forums, everyone participates. This lasts approximately 1 hour.

For the remaining 3 hours, the other members will have 15-20 minutes in a round-table discussion to update members on their progress and bring up issues, questions, seek advice from or get opinions from the group to help them make decisions they may be trying to make or prioritize their agendas. This way everyone gets to participate every month.
Anonymity, confidentiality & openness

In local CEO peer groups, CEOs are introduced by name, company and a brief description of the company. It would be awkward to do it any other way. Chances are good that you are aware or have some knowledge about the company. Networking is an important part of what they do.

With networking opportunities, you sacrifice openness and anonymity resulting in a less open and honest discussion, which is the essential element of an effective peer group forum--to share opportunities and problems and get new prospectives.

Therefore, in our videoconference forums, only first names and company descriptions are used which gives our members a comfort not found in local groups.

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only group that prepares for our forums making them more productive and meaningful.

Since no one is better "on their feet" than they are with preparation, a week before each meeting each member will email the items and issues they would like to discuss to our staff. We then consolidate and distribute them to all of the members. By doing this, the members. our staff and The Chairperson will have the time to think about the issues and research each topic before the forum making the group much more effective.
Videoconferencing: We are unique since The CEO Forums are held by video conference nation-wide and the benefits are many. You get a diverse group of CEOs nation-wide. Secondly, our software is very robust and is in HD. Also, it automatically brings a person that is speaking to 75% of the screen while others are minimized. Lastly, the videoconferences are recorded, so if you happen to miss a Forum or want to review portions later or share portions with your staff, you can. Also, the log-in procedure and participating in our videoconference is simple and easy.

The CEO Forum™ saves our members time and money. When CEO peer groups are done locally, a room is required, meals are usually served and perhaps a social hour. Additionally, if the group has an educational session, the related costs for the speaker need to be added as well. Needless to say, this adds up fast and is reflected in the cost of membership.

Additionally, there is no travel costs for the moderator or you. In short, our dues are about 50% less than most other CEO groups without sacrificing quality or content.

Instead of an all day time commitment, ours is 5 hours per month.