What keeps you up at night?
What are your biggest challenges as a Chief Executive Officer?
What if you could get a different prospective on your company, your peoople and competitors?
Groups make better decisions and see more pitfalls & opportunities.
  • Get ideas, information, opinions, solutions and objectivity from other successful CEOs.
  • Gain the advantage of other CEOs objectively looking at your company in a way neither you nor others around you can.
  • Groups make better decisions than individuals.
  • Learn from the successes of others.
  • Learn from the mistakes of others so you won't have to make them yourself.
  • The CEO Forum™ adds a new dimension to you and your company.

Wise men learn by other mens' mistakes;
others by their own

Every month more than 50,000 CEOs attend CEO Peer Group Forums

CEO Peer Group Forums

The CEO Forum™ is a trusted and confidential place where CEOs can exchange ideas, get answers, solve problems, hear new ideas and share prospectives.

Participate in round table discussions where members present their biggest challenges for unbiased feedback and support.

Try a free, no obligation introductory CEO Forum.

Since many CEOs are curious how CEO peer group forums work, we offer a free introductory CEO Forum, so interested CEOs can experience the process first hand.

You'll participate and hear:
  • CEO success stories and what made it successful.
  • Hear tough situations CEOs were in and how they resolved it.
  • The current challenges CEOs face and how they plan to tackle them.

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How our Forums work

The CEO Forum™ meets 4 hours per month, 11 months a year with an hour educational session mid-month.

Each forum is limited to 11 non-competing CEOs and is moderated by a Chairperson with more than 36 years of CEO experience in 5 different industries.

Our Forums are held nationally by video conferencing, which saves our members 50% of the time and money they would spend in a comparable group while receiving an even better experience. They are recorded so you can review them or share with your staff.

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A real life example: The company had so many problems, Todd Andrews didn't know where to start and realized he needed help and advice.

He had just taken over a larger company based in Los Angeles, however an economic downturn, combined with internal and external company problems, left him in a quandary.

"There were 40 issues that I felt like I needed to focus on with the company, but with the input from the group, we figured it out and prioritized on what to do and in what order," Andrews said. "I had very wise and seasoned CEOs in the room that rolled up their sleeves and spent the afternoon talking back and forth, reasoning together and helping me to determine which items to tackle."

"I walked out of there with 5 things that I needed to accomplish quickly, not 40." he said. "I credit it with saving my company."